All about the future

20 Jan 2022

Software Engineering

When I think of software engineering I think of front end development. I think of creating user interfaces to provide a service to customer base in need of some computer brain power. Software engineering has provided people with thousands of applications to make everyday things easier. It brings people closer together with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Software engineering is everywhere we look, you can’t hide from it. If you are well versed in the world of software engineering, you can make all sorts of platforms. Some things I would be interested in with software engineering may be fun hobbies on the side or little projects just to play around with. When it comes to my true interests, I love the idea of data.

Does a Data Scientist need Software Engineering

So what can I do with my interests in data, well I can become a Data Scientist. From an early age I was always interested in the question why. Why are things a certain way? How does this affect that, can we find those answers. Well fast forward to today and the answer is yes. There is so much data in the world we don’t know what to do with it. Where does this data come from though, some comes from people using platforms on the web. What made those platforms software engineers created these platforms. So when it comes to data science, they need software engineering to get access to the mounds of data out there. When thinking deeper into the connections between the two I realize that as a Data Scientist I could use software engineering skills to make platforms to not only collect data to analyze. I could also make platforms that help analyze the data. This realization has me again interested in software engineering as having both skill sets could be a very valuable asset in my tech career.

Whats next

As I make my way through college building my computer science skills it is hard to imagine what’s coming next. As the time goes one I do see some glimpse of what the future holds. I would like to be a very valuable asset to a company. One who brings more than just one field of computer science. I would like to be a part of a team that helps grow a company improving all aspects both with information from data science as well as someone who can help with front end work creating amazing user interfaces whether it’s for a customer or employees performing work within the company. Hopefully I will also be able to return and get an MBA to understand not only the science of things but also the business side as well.

Wish me luck